UPS from 3 kVA to 24 kVA
Rated from 1.5 kVA to 24 kVA single-phase output - a UPS to meet all your single-phase requirements. The Mod-RM is designed to be installed in a 19" cabinet.
Based on the idea of modular building blocks, MODULYS® is designed to evolve with your needs. The power and autonomy of the system depend on the number of modules (power and battery) installed in the Mod-System.

Flexible: the UPS that grows with your company
MODULYS® offers total adaptability, fitting to existing architecture and installations, facilitating their evolution, and even making it possible to migrate from a tower to a rack configuration.
Specifically designed for optimal modularity, MODULYS® can be adapted to fit all dimensions and to meet all requirements.

Economical: the system modularity safeguards your initial investment
No matter what the nature of your evolution is (power, autonomy), each unit of your MODULYS® system can be re-used to recompose your new power supply protection.

Simple: the simplest UPS that has it all
Easy to install and use, MODULYS® is a functional UPS design. All the power and autonomy units are "plug in", meaning they can be connected without interrupting your power supply.

Reliable: the UPS that is ahead of the pack
Fully digital circuits, guaranteeing the highest possible operating reliability under all environmental conditions, support all the control and monitoring operations. If one unit dysfunctions, it does not affect the general system operation.

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