UPS from 8 to 90 kVA
Business Critical Application

This model offers an excellent ratio between size, power supplied and back-up times provided, making it ideal for operation in situations requiring specific attention to the protection of the business. It is suitable for medium sized businesses and for professional applications in general, and is particularly suitable for protection in IT environments due to the flexibility of back-up time and its ability to be mounted in 19" rack cabinets.

Mission Critical Application

The versatility and integrity of this version makes it the cornerstone of the whole MASTERYS range. It has been designed to protect the most strategic and sensitive IT loads and production processes.

The embedded LAN connection* makes it a highly interactive product, capable of interacting fully with users and contributing to the prevention of system failures.

The IGBT rectifier is of course an essential component, making it possible not only to drastically cut electric pollution in respect of the mains but also enabling perfect interaction with generators, without having to overrate the system.

e-Business Application

MASTERYS EB is the top-of-the-range system, satisfying the most demanding expectations. It is yet another confirmation of SOCOMEC SICON UPS’s technological supremacy.

A flexible and modular NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE system which, since all its components are redundant (power unit, controller, batteries, battery charger, etc.), is able to guarantee unequalled availability of power supply for the most powerful and sensitive IT applications: data processing centres, ISPs, ASPs, Server Farms and other major IT applications.

The concept of vertical modularity, which has already been applied by SOCOMEC SICON UPS very successfully, represents security of investment for users. The increasing need for protection is adequately satisfied by the scalability of the number of UPS modules, while the initial investment is safeguarded.

Industrial Processes Application

This model is characterised by its isolation transformer, which makes it ideal for all those industrial processes requiring a high level of safety and protection. Undoubtedly, the most compact product of its type, with galvanic transformer and batteries housed in the same cabinet as the UPS and still occupying very little floor space.

Moreover, the metal cabinet and the high degree of protection (IP 21 standard, can be increased) guarantee performance better than anything previously used even in the industrial environments most at risk.

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