UPS from 800 VA to 2000 VA
800-1000 VA
Tower version
1000 VA
Rack 19" version
1500-2000 VA
Tower version

Business Server
Internet/ Intranet Server
Critical Applications
Domestic and Industrial Automation
ISP/ASP Application

Double conversion On-line technology VFI (Voltage Frequency Independant)

800- 2000 VA Compatibility with your IT environment
The shape, technology and colours have been specifically studied for the computer environment. The UPS-ENTERPRISE has adopted all the current IT environment standards:

RS232 and USB serial interfaces
IEC320 sockets
Direct connection to the LAN through the SNMP board for the management of the UPS in a network
quiet cooling system and compact design (only 2U for installation in standard 19" cabinets)
Pack-battery easily replaceable by the user (2000VA version only)

And for each model, a number of options is available, including:
Galvanic insulation transformer, remote control with LCD screen as well as software solutions. Remote control and management with monitoring and shutdown functions controlled by the operating system.

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