Delphys MX
UPS from 250 to 500 kVA
A rectifier with low THDI to meet your requirements for three-phase high quality energy from 250 to 500 kVA (up to 3000 kVA with parallel connection).

Voltage quality
SVM (Space Vector Modulation) digital regulation gives sinusoidal output voltage with all load types.

Suitable for supplying today's loads
Operates without downgrading actual power to supply applications with a capacitive power factor up to 0.9.
Easy integration into your electrical network

DELPHYS MX elite includes a rectifier specifically to draw the sinusoidal current (4.5% THDI) which will not pollute your upstream network.
Input power factor close to 1 (ind. 0.93) reduces current consumption.
Fully compatible with gen-set without generator oversizing.

Increased service-life for batteries
An innovative and intelligent battery charging mode (EBS) for increased battery lifetime.

A compact assembly in a single cabinet (width 1.60 m, up to 500 kVA excluding batteries) easy to install and space-saving.
With this rectifier you don't need oversized upstream sources (transformer and genset) and input current is reduced by up to 20% to give you savings on distribution (equipment and cables)
Exceptional efficiency saves on operating costs.

Choice of architecture for different parallel systems either with modular or centralised bypass parallel units.

High availability
Fault tolerant architecture with built-in redundancy
A variety of parallel connection diagrams to give reliable, high quality energy distribution.

User-friendly operation
Control panel with graphic display for ergonomic and secure operation
Wide range of “com-slot” plug-in communication interfaces, for upgrading your operating requirements.
Configurable input/outputs interface
Communication with BMS systems (JBUS/MODBUS/PROFIBUS serial port)
NET VISION: direct connection with ETHERNET network
TOP VISION: monitoring your Socomec Sicon equipements
Telemaintenance and e-Maintenance services.

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