Delphys DS
UPS from 300 to 800 kVA
Your 60 to 800 kVA three-phase requirements, with three-phase input.

Compact design
The smallest of its category, up to 200 kVA version has a footprint of only 0.64 m2.

Respects the environment
Fitted with a PROTECTPLUS rectifier, the DELPHYS® DS has a high performance "clean" input current with very low harmonic feed-back (THDI < 5 %). This performance avoids oversizing the power supply, especially for gen-sets.

The DELPHYS® DS UPS is designed to supply non-linear loads without any downgrading, providing high quality output voltage at all times.

The use of advanced technology such as the use of digital processors and of SMD electronic boards (surface mounted devices) have reduced the number and surface of electronic boards.
This reduction in the number of components means that DELPHYS® DS has even more reliability and increases its immunity to electromagnetic disturbances.

DELPHYS® DS saves you space in your technical plant room: a 5 m2 room is sufficient for installing a 200 kVA DELPHYS® DS with batteris for 10 minute back-up time.
For even more economic operation, choosing the ECO-MODE configuration (prioritised operation on the bypass network) provides 97.5 % efficiency.

With various options for parallel configurations, DELPHYS® DS offers even higher operating flexibility.

Multiple advanced communication interfaces enable the DELPHYS® DS to communicate with your IT equipment and Network Management Station, as well as keeping users informed of operating conditions.

Choice of architecture for different parallel systems either with modular or centralised by-pass parallel units.

PROTECTPLUS version: with low harmonic reinjection.


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